18 October, 2011


After nearly a month away from Palatial Living it feels like I have been in a daydream away - but no I have been madly decorating & renovating our 'new' old home we bought and moved into in mid July this year! How time flies - whilst paint dries, leaf litter is moved, mulch is laid, curtains hung and furniture moved around! Now I feel like I need at least a few weeks away from the paint brush! But I must say it feels like an addiction - I might have one or two nights off from doing something and then I get restless again and get back into it or much to my supportive loving husband's dread - start another project on the house! Ha ha!

This weekend is my last full weekend home before I jet off again for a week away in Hong Kong & China visiting trad fairs and sourcing new products - but for fashion accessories, jewellery, hats, scarves, bags and footwear for my [day-time gig] as a Group Brand Product Developer/ Designer for a fashion company here in Sydney! So I am planning to get into the garden with my husband who is leading the way - I drew up a garden design & landscaping plan for all the 'room zones' we want to create... very exciting. 
So as I get some more time I will post pics of all the different things we have - so far - accomplished at the house, including my bathroom refurbishment - that blew me away!
So for now I will enjoy a little daydream with a coffee and see you soon. 

images via pretty stuff, ys voice, crush culdesac 

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  1. Great to have you back and your great sense of encouragement in 'getting the job done'
    From your #1 Fan



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