30 December, 2012

The Christmas - New Year Holidays....

It' been a little while between posts - I hope you have been keeping well and inspired! I have missed you ...
Lots has been happening on my side with jobs, family, house renovations & landscaping and I have embarked on more study - certifications in business & management, and diploma in marketing! With that I have been updating my business website & the Verandah Home & Garden Living Solutions facebook page - please visit and like me!

I hope you have enjoyed your Christmas with your family and friends... and the Summer [in Australia] and the Winter [in the Northern hemisphere- for my sister and her family].
This Christmas was especially fun as our little 2.5year old Isabelle really got the jist of it all including Santa and the idea of the Nutcracker guarding the gifts! Christmas is magic once again with little ones...

And you're enjoying a little rest over these holidays and gearing up for a fun new years!
Take care - Enjoy,
images via Sarah Verity - Verandah Home & Garden Living SOlutions & homelife.com.
Australian Country Style - photography Prue Ruscoe - styling Shannon Fricke

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