29 April, 2013

Palatial House Love...

House on Oyster River (Cape Cod). Polhemus Savery Dasilva.
Incredible setting. Aquidneck Properties  
Atherton residence, Utah. Markay Johnson Construction.
Scott Currie’s Hamptons home in Elle Décor.
Vineyard farmhouse, VA. Barnes Vanze Architects.
Amongst my increasing addiction to pinning - great to do when waiting for pretty much anything... I recently came across a couple of wonderful Pin boards that I have now started following, see pinterest for 'Alex Corvin' pin board - 'Home', and Suzanne Boy,  and wanted to share these stunning Palatial Homes with you that I have added to my 'House Love' Pin board HERE Palatial Living Pinterest - you can also follow my pins via Twitter @PalatialLiving
I'm sure if you too subscribe to the Palatial Living aesthete and ethos that you'll fall in lobe with these houses too!
images via pinterest - alex corvin, Suzanne boy and elle décor, tumblr.

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