18 April, 2013

Palatial Paint Prowess...

Zigzag Chevron
Tap into the chevron trend and apply the pattern to your walls or another surface. Creating a precise chevron pattern requires a bit of math. Click the link below to learn how to measure and map out a chevron design.
Awash in White
   This simple faux finish technique adds depth and pattern to plain wood floors and works best on light woods. Start with unfinished wood or flooring that has been sanded to remove all of the existing finish.
Tone-on-Tone Stenciling
Stenciling brings pattern to walls and an interesting break from solid hues.
Houndstooth Pattern
Add this pattern to your walls for a statement that is both timeless and trendy. Houndstooth is a classic design, while the oversize scale and bright colours of this application keeps it fresh. 
Perfect Patina
Give a piece of wood furniture a distressed finish.
This simple technique uses paint, sandpaper, and a few basic supplies.
Kitchen Floor Stencil
Put pattern underfoot by stenciling your floor. Click the link below to see how to stencil a floor and get the free pattern used in this project.Get the floor stenciling how-to. 

Lighter than Lace
Brighten a basic solid-color lamp base with delicate motifs. A white oil-paint marker is the perfect tool to put your sketches in the spotlight. Draw simple spirals and interlocking paisley or flower patterns for an intricate look. Start at the top and work your way down for the best results.
 I truly believe that paint can change [almost] anything - be it a fresh coat on the walls, an update of a door or trim, or a change up for some old furniture. Here are some fabulous tips on where you can add a new look, with a creative approach, in an inexpensive way... I found some great ideas via BHG.com , HGTV, Elle Décor, and Pinterest, and had to share them with you.
I particularly love the chevron wall  - great for an office, or a children's teen room; and especially loving the tonal stencil-ing on the timber floor, I think this is a great technique when done in simple pattern by the home DIY-er, and if you're looking for a more of intricate pattern then think about hiring a professional stencil painter to apply it for you - it will be worth it! I love the floor stencil design a little while back I saw on 'Million Dollar Decorators' in the amazing home renovation of Designer Mary McDonald
What's your favourite way to decorate and update with paint?
Love to hear from you.
Blue and white chevron floors by Mary McDonald

 Ashley floor stencil picture via  Design Sponge
images via StyleWatch 221 Vision, Design Sponge, Pinterest, & BHG, HGTV

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