08 December, 2008

Favourite Prints - Sweet Annie Jeanne

As graduate of fine art & applied arts (craft arts) and a previous student of hand-printing, I'd like to think I sometime dabble in printing every now and then - in particular lino printing is my favourite and has been since school days. I am an avid admirer of print techniques such as lino print, wood block/ relief and Gocco printing. Which leads me to the print work images above by an American artist, Annie Jeanne (aka Annie Swincinski), also known as SweetAnnieJeanne on her Esty featured web page where you can purchased her lovely graphic prints.
In each of the prints - I share a wistful whimsy with her tangible hand made quality incorporating wonderful line, shape, colour, the use of space in positive & negative contrasts, and harmony that she successfully.

Also be sure to visit Annie Jeanne's blog SnowFlakesJourney.

All images from
SweetAnnieJeanne & Esty

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