15 December, 2008

10 Days til Christmas.... time for wrapping gifts

Above: Modern Monochromatic Romantic Glamour wrapping in an array of patterns.I love this!
Above: Multi Candy Stripe Paper - plain paper wrapped with white & different colour lengths of
paper & ribbon to create the stripe. How fresh!

Above: Favourite fabric pieces / swatches photocopied to make wrapping paper.
How individual!

Above - Yule Log Wrapping / painted with white to effect of the wood grain - brown mailing tubes. How Original!

With only 10 days til Christmas arrives I have yet to wrap all my gifts, I have a red, white & silver theme this year and found some true inspiration from the lady that started it all - Martha Stewart....

I love these gift wrapping ideas, I hope you do too!

Images courtesy of Martha Stewart.com

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