15 December, 2008

Early Christmas Present - New Fave Book for Me!

The other day I had an early Christmas splurge on myself - something I can never resist (other than shoes) Interior / Design BOOKS! I found this great book, U.S House Beautiful's 'Colours For your Home - 300 Designer Favourites' from a great design source in Sydney, The Building Bookshop at The Home Ideas Centre. It's one of those books that's small enough tot take anywhere and flick through to get quick inspriation as well as doubling as a good side table book and reference for colour mixes. All paint colours referenced are American but many of them can either be purcahsed in Australia through distributors or colour matched to other large paint companies. The other great part of this book is that well known interior designer share thweir fave colours - so you'll have so much fun further Google-ing their names and work for more inspiration!

Book Blurb.... Colors for Your Home
What transforms a room from monotone to magical? Color! So, if you're nervous about splashing that white with bright, this conveniently portable primer based on House Beautiful's most popular column will help. A convenient flexibind makes this perfect and practical to throw in your bag or car for ease while shopping

Image courtesy of House Beautiful

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