31 August, 2011

Get Organised with your Paper Clutter!

 Message Center
Keep clutter at bay with a multi-purpose work station. This communication haven is built from a patchwork of magnet, dry-erase, chalkboard, cork, and pegboard squares behind the built-in desktop. The combination of materials ensures that messages and papers can be stored in versatile ways. Use magnetic boards to hold papers you need only temporarily, dry-erase boards and chalkboards to jot down quick messages, cork boards to stick more permanent papers on (favorite take-out menus, emergency phone numbers), and pegboard squares to mount containers for desk supplies
  Office Out Box
With meetings, school, practice, and pets, it's easy to lose track of time on busy mornings. A drop zone is a foolproof way to manage mail that needs to go out the door. Designate two trays -- one for bills to pay and one for outgoing letters -- near the entryway of your home to make sure nothing is missed.
 Eye-Catching Display
If you like to stash photos, invitations, and memos in sight, why not show them off a bit? An attractive, easy-to-use metal wall hanging helps you keep track of papers. Its decorative geometric design adds interest and keeps everything on hand for when you need it

I love all the organisational, stationary & [Sydney based] storage stores... I rarely can go past Howard's Storage World, Smiggle, Kikki K, Typo, or Ikea without getting the latest catalogue for ideas or that 'odd little something that will change my workd'! Well here's some great ideas I found whilst purusing the web that I thought you too would love and maybe like to project yourself... We all need a litte de-clutter, or organisation tips here and there. My pet hate is that daily pile of papers on the kitchen counter bench near the phone - where mail, nail files, hair clips, cards, pens etc... so I think there are few ideas I might put into action too!

 File in Style
A right-sized magazine holder keeps reading materials in check and clutter free. This bold design was perfect for its punchy surroundings, and it's big enough to hold plenty of catalogs without being overwhelming. Remember to purge old or untouched items on a regular basis to avoid a paper pileup

 Just Drop It
Take charge of underused kitchen items that could be repurposed for organization. This vintage toast rack becomes an elegant in-box on an entry table. Use the slots to keep postage stamps handy for outgoing mail and to sort what comes in.

Style-Setting Role
By keeping papers on hand and off the desk, this wall-mounted file helps corral paper clutter. Use each compartment to organize items by category, such as bills, schoolwork, and notepads. Affix metal hooks to outer panels for keys or grab-and-go items

  Out to Dry
Create a personal filing system that meets your daily needs and makes sense to you, but make it easy to use. Intended for dishes, the slats of this drying rack stand file folders and notebooks at perfect attention. Use the slotted compartment designed for sponges to stash small office supplies.

images & sub text via bhg; sunset; country living.

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