23 August, 2011

Ooops - Very Late Birthday Wishes!

Yes this is super tardy for Birthday Wishes to my sweet, smarty darling sister Felic, whose birthday was last week on the 18th August! I have been AWOL from Palatial Living - business development, although she's been cruising the good life at Lake Como Italy with her lovely husband at a friend's home - so I doubt she's had the time to check into Palatial Living - whilst she's been actually living the Palatial Life! All the same for those out there that may think I am a terrible sister I did try calling her numerous time but to no avail with reception. So presents will have to arrive to their London-based pad when they get back home!
So here's a very loving, although belated, Happy Happy Birthday Wish to my 'little' sister Felic - who will have a phenomenal year ahead of her as she embarks on a new fabulous role with a great firm & maybe house hunting in London town with her politically astute & well-versed husband!
Lots of love honey bun - Miss you from Australia - come visit us soon x

images via Katis KupCakes

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