02 April, 2012

Palatial Easter Projects...

Hanging Easter Egg Decoration
A bunch of pastel Easter eggs works as a festive decoration for your front door. Wrap plastic foam egg shapes (available at crafts supply stores) with crepe paper, and attach the ends with glue or a small straight pin. Add yellow ribbon, secured with small straight pins, and leave a long end for tying. Gather the eggs at various heights and tie the ribbons together. Hang the decoration from a removable adhesive hook or wreath hanger, and finish it off with a pretty bow.
This weekend I put up my 'Easter Tree' - really several large gum tree sticks [over sized] from our yard, and hanging from them are several different coloured eggs in gold, blue, white & pink, and some little sparrow-like white & yellow with grey wooden birds. All hanging from colourful satin ribbon! Our little 'Is' was in awe this morning when she saw these eggs hanging from the 'sky' - usually they go straight into the pan for scrambled eggs for her breakfast!

So if you're thinking of getting some Easter decorations up this week... here's a few 'quick' ones that will see your home beautifully decorated, looking fun, and colourful for this wonderful celebration [on the Christian calendar]. Have Fun with them & Enjoy,

Colored Easter Egg Wreath
This easy-to-make Easter wreath adds a pop of pretty pastel color to your front door. Using an awl, poke a small hole in each end of 12 plastic eggs. Cut 1/2x3-inch strips of patterned paper, cutting small slits along the edges to reduce wrinkling.
Brush Mod Podge onto the back of one paper strip and apply to an egg, pressing out the excess glue or air bubbles; repeat until egg is covered. After all the eggs are covered, brush two thin coats of Mod Podge over the eggs, letting them dry in between coats; let dry. String the eggs onto a 16-gauge wire, allowing an extra inch at each end; clip the wire. Wrap one end around the other to form a wreath shape; cover wire ends with a pretty pastel ribbon and hang.

 Rustic Watering Can with Blooms & Eggs
Filling a rustic watering can with pink tulips, greenery, and pastel blue eggshells is the perfect decoration for spring. Stuff the watering can with floral foam to secure the stems. Add picks to blown-out eggshells to secure them as well. When you're finished creating the arrangement, wire it to your front door and cover the wire with ribbon. Tip: To keep flowers fresh, put the stems in water vials or heavy plastic bags filled with floral foam powder, available at floral supply stores.

Simple Natural Wreath
Japanese maple and sedum wired to a wreath form produce a pretty wreath that adds natural beauty to your door. Work with your local floral retailer for the supplies or substitute your own dried spring blooms or faux flowers and leaves. Hang it to your front door with a wide ribbon in a contrasting color, such as the green pictured here.

Beautiful Easter Door Decoration
A bouquet of pink tulips, along with greenery and dyed eggshells filled with daffodils, tuck neatly into an umbrella for a unique Easter door decoration. To make, tie a pretty pink ribbon halfway up a closed umbrella to create a makeshift vase for your arrangement. Create pockets between front ribs and tuck in tissue paper to support a crafts-store bird's nest, blown-out dyed Easter eggs, fresh flowers, and greenery, such as ferns and moss. When you're finished, wire the arrangement to a front-door hook to hang.
Tip: To keep flowers fresh, put the stems in water vials or heavy plastic bags filled with floral foam powder, available at floral supply stores

Jelly Bean - Easter Egg Front Door Monogram
Instead of a wreath, hang a fun monogram on your front door for spring. Paint a papier-mache letter (available at crafts) using acrylic paint in a pretty spring color, such as the soft purple shown here. For a single-color decoration, match the paint color to the jelly beans [or small easter eggs]; if you want a multi-color decoration mix pastel jelly beans and a single color of paint for the letter. Once the paint is dry, hot-glue the jelly beans to the front of the letter and let dry. Hot-glue a ribbon to the back to create a hanging loop and attach to your front door.

Native Floral Wreath
This pretty wreath made from dried flowers and leaves is a gorgeous decoration for your front door or wooden garden gate. This wreath is made with a base of dried sage and accented with celosia, globethistle, static, Liatris, and Eryngium. We stuck the dried elements into floral foam, working clockwise from the top.

Easy Flower Bouquet in Glass Bottles
Perfect for a garden trellis or front door, a small bouquet of annuals / flowers tucked into clear glass bottles makes a natural statement. Fill recycled glass bottles with your favorite flowers, mixing up the colors for a pretty spring decoration. To make this arrangement work on your front door, wrap wire around the bottle necks to secure to a door knocker or nail. Attach a strip of removable interlocking adhesive to the door and the bottle so the glass won't knock against the door every time it's opened.

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