26 October, 2012

I Love My Dog...

I found the above little saying - typography saying the other week via pinterest. Whenever I see or here this saying I often think of the once popular Cat Steven's song 'I Love My Dog'.  What more can I say... our poochies, fur kids, gardening buddies and office puppies - whatever you want to call them - are Zach [our now 6yr old cavoodle on the left] & his partner and leader in crime, Lucy [our 7yrd old Cavalier King Charles]...
They are the best pets for our little girl Isabelle, gardening helpers - little shadows, afternoon companion snoozers, and not to mention a great lap warmer on a cool night!
Whichever way we look at it - we love our dogs as much as they love us... I think it's a lot!
How about you do you have a fur kid that loves you as much as you love it?
Maybe it has scales or feathers?
image via pinterest, Sarah Verity - verandah home&garden living solutions 2011

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