22 January, 2009

[Current] Best Palatial Gardens...

Evening dusk falls over the house and the main front garden, a tiered fountain with water lilies sits inside a
contemporary circular framed pebble garden in cut sandstone.
A combination of natural elements bring this lush formal garden together - use of stone through edging, walls, path & driveways and planting features (such as the urn & plinth) whilst the variation in foliage through shape, texture, scale & colour create carpets, walls and features.
View towards the front gate & fence captures the dense emerald mono grass that lives happily under the canopies of the large tree, whilst bright petals of the Clivias pop against the dense green spectrum of the garden.
Today I am in love with this gorgeous & highly luscious garden located in Killara on Sydney's North Shore.
Images courtesy of McGrath (Real Estate)

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