30 January, 2009

Warmth from Contemporary Wall Art

John-Richard 'Blocks' Abstract art
John-Richard 'Sunrise' Oil
John-Richard 'Red Sky' art

So much warmth & individuality can come from a piece[s] of art [work] such as shown in these images - pieces by John-Richard for Horchow. I especially love art styles of abstract expressionists in landscape and conceptualist works. But most importantly an art work when considering placement in a room - aside from appreciation and sheer love for it - be it [graphic or advertisement] print, oil, acyclic, mixed media, collage, or even a framed favourite piece of printed paper, fabric or tea towel, can act as a colour vehicle to tie other separate hues together in a room or space - thus creating a more unified colour scheme & style.

Images courtesy of Horchow, John-Richard

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