22 March, 2011

Easter is Around the Corner...

Easter is just 4 weeks away! Can you believe it... I know I can't it! And Easter this year also marks a big milestone in our home, since this year Good Friday falls on our baby Isabelle's very 1st Birthday! I truly cannot believe where I was this time last year and how very quickly it seems to have flown by! I'm sure many of you feel this way... gee whiz -time - what a precious commodity!
A friend recently emailed me asking me if I was going to share some of my 'Palatial' Easter inspirations here...of course! I love Easter time... So with that in mind I am looking forward to sharing with you some of my Easter inspirations over the next four weeks in the lead up to Easter celebrations & holidays! I thought I had finished decorating my very 'Palatial' Easter Egg Tree over the weekend, but then found some more decorations I wanted to add onto it... So will look to post my photos this week in case you want to get started on your very own Easter tree!

image via house to home

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