10 March, 2011

Instant Art in Fabric Framing...

If you're like me you have probably a few piles of favourite fabrics in a cupboard, box or sewing room somewhere. Ever thought about all that gorgeous fabric, or tablecloth, that might be - one of these two things...
a} much too nice to cut up [It feels so awful to cut up something so pretty even for a lovely cushion!] OR
b} just didn't know what to make out of it because you might not have had enough to keep going...so it continue to sit there?
Here's a thought - so why not think about framing it?  It's  a quick and inexpensive project that I love, it can bring instant colour, a custom look to your decor, and can be a great update to any room in your home! And depending on your fabric's look - can be for a living/ dining space,  a master bedroom, home-office or a child's room... the possibilities are endless!

Creating Simple Fabric Artwork
In its most simple form, you can just cut a piece of fabric to fit a frame, stretch and affix it to a cardboard backing, and place it in a mat and frame to create instant artwork. In order to choose the perfect spot to cut the fabric, use the clear glass from the frame itself as a guide. Slide the glass around the fabric until you find an area of the pattern that fits perfectly in the frame, then trace around the glass and make a marking on the fabric. Add a half inch [a couple of centimetres] to all edges to allow for affixing to a cardboard backing board, then cut out, mount and frame.
Alternatively you could also stretch the fabric over an inexpensive canvas - purchased from your local art&craft or variety store, and securing each side as you stretch the fabric over the canvas with a heavy duty staple gun. Make sure you check if your fabric has a directional print and you hang it accordingly - or it could be upside down!

This is something that you could try this weekend  for an instant wow!
Miguel Flores-Vianna
images via canadian house and home, hub pages, elle decor via little green notebook, down & out chic - southern flourish, anne becker


  1. Oh I heart that first image from Elle Decor SO MUCH..I love the whole styling of that space! A great idea for instant..less expensive art :)

  2. I like the idea a ton, but the 6 panel image is/was sold commercially at Crate and Barrel and in fact is not fabric but paper. I own them.



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