21 March, 2011

Wardrobe Love...or Edit.

I'd like a colourfully organised wardrobe like this... especially the clear front drawers, very nifty indeedy! Having working in the fashion industry for many years I have been privy to some substantial discounts and great samples. Needless to say I am wardrobe real-estate poor... but contents rich, and continually edit through various stages & changes in my life!
What do you think of your wardrobe? Love the content - Hate the housing, or Hate the contents - Love the Housing? Or do you just need to de-clutter & edit,edit, edit??
Think about the 3 Main Piles When Editing...
1. Keep It - ONLY It Fits you, is flattering and isn't out-of-date - remember that 'old n'daggy' is not vintage! 
2. Sell It on EBay -Clothing Flea Markets, or Give to Charity - well kept clothing without tears or stains donate it to your favourite clothing charity.
3. Toss It - if it doesn't fit - doesn't suit you - out of date - stained or unable to be mended and not worthy of charitable means > Get rid of it!
Et Voila - done!
Sometimes easier to write than do... but think of it this way if you're holding onto old stuff that isn't adding anything to your wardrobe life then you're preventing newness and fabulous items that will suit into your life. If the wardrobe is one area this is happening - what other areas in your home or life could this apply to.... Hmmm something to ponder.  

images via coastal living, mark burstyn, decorpad, house to home, home beautiful, sarah gilbourne design, bh&g, robin bell designs.

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