20 May, 2011

20 Palatial Quick n' Easy Weekend Decorating Projects

I love nothing better than a decorating project - what makes it even sweeter is that it's quick, easy and affordable - but give a Palatial feeling to my home!
So here are few great ideas that I came across through a number of fabulous newsletters I receive and thought you might like a few of the ideas too - maybe an even start one this weekend!

1. Refresh Your Bedroom
New bedding, a fresh coat of paint, and unique lighting will give a bedroom a new personality - and it can be finished in a weekend.
2. Update Window Treatments
Tired of the store-bought panels that are scattered throughout your home? Give them an instant transformation with a few snips of the scissors and a bit of creativity.

3. Paint Fun Stripes
Stripes are the perfect way to add pizzazz to a space. While they're not difficult to achieve, be sure to spend lots of time prepping so your stripes turn out perfect.

4. Add Wallpaper
With wallpaper's recent comeback, a slew of beautiful choices are available to jazz up any room. Look for oversize patterns to create a sophisticated and dramatic look.

5. Update Your Bookcases
Bookcases don't have to pose a decorating dilemma. Spend a few hours organizing and arranging them to get the perfect look. Click the link below for editors' tips for styling bookshelves.


6. Tile Your Backsplash
Transform your kitchen with a new backsplash. This easy (really!) DIY project will add sophistication to your space. Consider small tiles on a mesh backing for the easiest installation. Or why not use some tile paint - and give it a fresh new look for a the cost of a lick of panit! Just make sure you surface is in good condition, cleaned & prepped before painting - easy! [Australia - White Knight Tile Paint from Bunnings or Mitre 10, your local  paint orhardware store - is perfect for tiles in good condition].
7. Update Your Standard Cabinets
Give your standard cabinets a boost with a new coat of paint and modern hardware. This Swedish-inspired look is enhanced by a beadboard backsplash and red-and-white toile curtains.

8. Make Easy Art
Think outside the frame when you need your next piece of artwork. Here a refinished vintage shutter was transformed into a savvy place to display photos, postcards, and clippings.

9. Make Your Own Flower Arrangements
Creating a classic flower arrangement doesn't have to be difficult. With a few simple steps you can turn a grocery store bouquet into a masterfully crafted centerpiece.
10. Give a Bookcase a Makeover
This once-ordinary unfinished bookcase was given a modern look with an espresso gel stain finish and a few accessories. To make the bookcase truly unique, a linen roller shade was installed to conceal clutter.
11. Make a New Headboard
Two salvaged windows are a great alternative to an ordinary headboard. To get this look, find windows that measure approximately the width of your mattress. Remove the glass and install fiberboard or foam board to cover the backs. Cut fabric or wallpaper remnants to fit each section and adhere with spray adhesive.

12. Redo Your Mantel
Mantels can be tricky to decorate. But in an hour or two you can give your mantel a new look. Here a collection of old books is casually stacked, giving the mantel character. Small accessories provide an interesting contrast to the book collection.

13. Add or Upgrade Your Moulding
From grand crown molding to handsome baseboards, millwork can really elevate a room. If you want to add extra architectural interest, consider adding a chair rail or wainscot.

 14. Dress It Up with Mirrors
Mirrors can make a room seem larger and brighter. A symmetrical arrangement stands out for both its space-enlarging reflections and its graphic simplicity.

15. Create a Custom ShelfThis simple shelf can be made in just a few hours to finish off an entryway, bathroom, or bedroom. You just need a few supplies and basic woodworking skills

16. Put Your Scraps to Use
Do you have extra stacks of scrapbook paper lying around? Decoupage your favorites to canvas to create do-it-yourself art. Paint the edges of the canvases for a finished look.

17. Punch Up Your Plain Pillows
Transform an ordinary pillow into a one-of-a-kind masterpiece with some simple sewing and a few beads.

18.Big Impact with a Little Fabric
If you love your lamp base but the shade needs help, give it a facelift with a modern fabric. Working with a drum shade allows you to use almost any textile; a tapered shade looks best with a small overall print or a solid fabric that doesn't require a pattern match.

19. Create a Home Office
The galvanized plumbing pipes and prefab shelving in this work station are compact and simple to put together. This home office proves that smart style doesn't demand a big budget.

20. Create a Family Gallery
Narrow art ledges are the perfect way to create a gallery from your collection of family photos. Vary the sizes of the pictures, but select compatible frames so the focus remains on the art.

Which project will you be doing this weekend?

images & subtext via bhg

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  1. I just love these ideas for great projects around the house...just not going for the wallpaper one...been there and done that....BUT am knocked over by the great little roller blind on the bookcase! How cute is that? The family gallery idea is a treasure too! The scraps, mirrors and bedhead equally are fabulous ideas! Thanks so much...
    From your #1 Fan



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