22 May, 2011

Perfect Palatial Paper Pieces...

via Etsy from Cosy Corner Crafts

Lately I've noticed a trend of paper 'crafts'  art becoming more visible and more commercial through the likes of 'Hard to Find', 'Hand Made' and 'Etsy'. Back at Christmas time on Palatial Living I looked at a Brisbane based paper artist with her stunning decorations simply made from paper - but achieving such a delicate, modern & intricate look. I also love the works of UK Surface Designer [Paper] Artist - Rob Ryan, and could do a bit of damage in his online store aptly name 'Ryantown' via etsy. 
Paper art is something that shouldn't be overlooked - beautiful, clean, fresh, and sometime fragile delicate also vintage looks that can be achieved using paper [pieces] is surprising. By thinking about using paper you don't always need to think about using 'new' fresh paper - think about repurposing an old book, left over paper from your computer printer, newspaper etc... this is also a way to think 'green'!
Take a look,

Creative Curtains
Create confetti curtains for your windows from cut paper. Cut out squares from different weights of paper with a die-cut punch (available at scrapbooking stores) or scissors. Sew the squares together, spacing regularly, to make a string as long as your window frame; tie knots at the top of each square and at the bottom of each string to secure. Hang each on a tension rod from curtain clips. These curtains are a great way to decorate a boring window without blocking out natural light. Get creative and use different colors for your garland depending on your room's color scheme or the season

Pretty Tissue Flowers
These delicate petals create an elegant centerpiece whether scattered down the center of a table or piled on a platter. To create, cut a flower shape or 3-inch circles from eight layers of tissue paper. Place in a stack. Next, poke a hole through the stack with a pin. Pull the paper off the tip of a twist tie and insert the exposed wire through the paper layers. Twist the wire to create the flower center. Make the flower bloom by gently pulling up one layer at a time.

Get Rolling
Quilling is a simple yet elegant way to embellish home accessories, such as a white picture frame. To create, cut paper into 1/8-inch-wide strips with a ruler and crafts knife; vary the lengths of the strips. Load a strip onto a slotted quilling tool (find tools and kits at quilledcreations.com). Twist the tool to coil the paper tightly. Once coiled, pull the paper off the tool and release slowly to uncoil slightly to your desired size. When finished, the quills can be glued to objects, such as a picture frame, to add a beautiful decoration to an otherwise plain frame.

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