12 May, 2011

Ways to Making the Most of Small Rooms...

I recently found a great article in American interiors mag House Beautiful that I wanted to share with you... I thought it had some great tips & tricks for making the most of small or smaller spaces that often perplex us with 'what to do?' . These are probably the most asked questions & dilemmas that my clients come across in styling their homes & office spaces - that's where I come in to help them!

Organize Furniture into Mini-Rooms > In this New York City studio apartment — just under 400 square feet furniture is arranged by function. The distinct zones help make the space feel much larger.

Choose Furniture that Does Double Duty > To maximize space in the studio,  a large farm table is used as a desk, and transforms it into a dining table when entertaining. Large black wire bins stylishly store files — and make it easy to move them elsewhere.

Float Furniture in the Center of the Room > In this small guesthouse in Salt Lake City, Utah, designers Marshall Watson and Jeffrey Kilmer arranged the furniture in the small living room away from the walls. "If you create space beyond the furniture, it adds volume to a room," says Kilmer

Create Hidden Storage > Interior designer David Kaihoi lives large in his small New York City one-bedroom apartment with multi-functional furniture. The elegant banquette serves as seating for both the dining table and the living room, plus it stores linens and towels underneath.

Use All Available Space > To use all available wall space and height, Kaihoi built this floor-to-ceiling bookcase. There are storage cabinets on the bottom, a spot for the television, and plenty of room for books.
Select Multi-Purpose Children's Furniture > Choosing furniture that works throughout a child's life is a smart investment. This antique gentleman's chest has served multiple purposes for Kaihoi: desk, bar, child's bureau, and — when the child was in diapers — changing table.

Match Furniture to the Wall Color > Kristen Ewart designed this beach house on Balboa Island, California. She painted these dining chairs semigloss white to match the walls. The chairs disappear into the walls, opening up the room.

Try Nesting Tables > Since the master bedroom is small, Ewart chose nesting tables. One can be pulled out at night, and pushed out of the way when not needed.

Add Closet Space with an Armoire> In a 1,400 square-foot Alabama cottage, designer Melanie Pounds designed an Ultrasuede armoire to compensate for small closets in the master bedroom.

Create an Additional Entertaining Area> If you have a small kitchen and entertain frequently, set up a small table away from the kitchen. In her home's entryway, Pounds chose a skirted console table to display books and flowers for everyday use. When she entertains, she uses it as a bar or serving table. "There's less congestion in the galley kitchen and dining room. It saved us!"

Choose an Open Console> Pounds designed a leggy console to hold her bathroom sink instead of a traditional closed cabinet. The open space helps to make the bathroom feel larger.
Hopefully these 'small' ideas will help you with any 'small space' styling dilemmas you might have in you home!

images & subtext via house beautiful

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