08 September, 2009

Bedroom Inspiration...

Our bed is due to go to God soon - it's had a great life, so now I'm looking at new beds - frames, headboards & mattresses and further inspiration for our bedroom at the moment... I have a few pieces I think I will keep & re-vamp and several I think would work better as newly introduced pieces. So before I make any major purchases and any unnecessary painting or upholstery work I am looking at a few different approaches to bedroom settings and colouring, naturally I get caught on blue, white and a neutral colour palette! However aside from colour - styling and what I need out of the bed and will it go with existing pieces is quite a high priority...
I found these great bedroom images in my photo file [above] that I quite like - they're fresh, contemporary, stylish and have a sense of relaxation - all feelings very important in my bedroom sanctuary. So I will keep on with the search - will let you know how I go and what we come up with!

Images from Southern Accents, House Beautiful, & Country Living

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