17 September, 2009

Bon Voyage... see you soon!

Today I'm heading off on an exciting holiday to Europe! A belated birthday trip - where I will also be visiting my sister & [future] brother-in-law in London, then travelling through Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and France, back to London for a short stay again and then through to Bangkok for a summery stopover before hitting home...
The image I have posted is from a 'Happy Travelling' card from my Mum & Dad - too cute.
I 'm off for several weeks but hope to post blogs on Palatial Living where & when I can especially all the little interior haunts and galleries I'll be checking out! So please stay tuned and I will see you very shortly - til then take care & have fun with colour & style! S xxx

Image from Hallmark - Verandah Home & Garden Living Solutions.

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