12 October, 2009

Glad to Be Back Home...

Well I have missed you all to say the least... and it's so lovely to be back home!
I had limited access to the Internet & very limited time whilst I was travelling through Europe to be able to blog... so I do hope that you will join me again at Palatial Living. I saw some amazing & beautiful places and things throughout Europe, & having studied art, history & architectural styles it was such a treat be a part of it all and be able to place it all into scale & perspective. So in the next few weeks as I gather together my couple of [thousand] photos I will post & share with you what I found and saw through my travels....I know you will love what I found
Coming back home it seems that Spring has definitely sprung, and in Sydney, as with much of the east coast of Australia, my garden suffered from the red dust storms and I am desperately trying to resuscitate a few plants that have been 'suffocated' with the dust's oxidisation! So with that I want to 'channel' healthy - happy outdoor & garden spaces in the positive view that with some TLC, Seasol and Garden Gold we'll get there! Thanks again for coming back to Palatial Living I know we'll share some gorgeous images & fabulous ideas over these Spring Summer festive months.. Enjoy! S xxx

Image from Country Living

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