26 October, 2009

It's Coming Up Pumpkins... Halloween Lead Up.

Halloween - Although it's not as big in Australia as it is in the States & Europe (maybe that southern & northern hemisphere climate thing has something to do with it!). So this week I wanted to celebrate all the fabulous decorating ideas that come with 2 (maybe 3) of my favourite times of the year - Halloween, Autumn [Fall] - even though it's Spring here in Oz, and my Birthday [it falls on Halloween!]...
Here are some amazing pumpkin stencil & carving designs that are a little less traditional, stylish and quirky. Using the pumpkin skin colour as a positive space and the black stencil as the negative space - simplicity reigns when achieving maximum impact for these decorative pieces. Here in Sydney you can find some fantastic stencils at the Stencil Gallery, Glebe to try out on a butternut pumpkin! Enjoy x

Image from Country Living

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