02 September, 2009

How to Get Framed!

Family - People & Places themed, varied sizes all balck frames
Graphic & Animated themed - size & frame colour related
Architectual drawings themed
Have you always wanted to create the perfect picture wall? Well here's a few little tips that might help you get there.. I like to organize my photos or prints according to theme such as colour, or subject - such as a favourite artist's style, or places visited, vintage postcards,floral & garden inspired prints, your child's recent paintings & drawings, or a seaside theme. By doing this you create a natural cohesive group that allows the eye to easily move through and over the aesthetic feast.
I like to coordinate postcard prints from recent gallery exhibitions then group them from colour through to style, I also like to print my favourite photos in black & white print and then order frames and matting from my local art store. This makes it so easy that they almost arrange themselves - the trick is to edit before you frame - not every photo or print will look great all up at once - besides you can change them around to suit the season or feel of the room that you want. For more tips & tricks visit the US business - The Picture Wall Company. And most importantly have fun when you're putting it together!

Images from House Beautiful & Living Etc. Magazine

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