11 September, 2009

Friday Fruit...

With warm weather upon us this weekend [in Sydney up to 30 degrees Celsius] I was feeling a little conscious of bearing arms - literally ! I am a little partial the pear is one of my favourite fruits - to eat, for it's silhouette and variations of colour, and also to use for styling props.
In one of my final year exhibitions at Uni I explored the pear, it's shape and symbolisms, the works were titled ' Belonging'. My inspiration was from years as a little girl visiting the Australian National Gallery, Canberra [A.C.T] where at the entrance to it there is a magnificent sculptural work of bronzed pears that I covet to this day, titled “The Final Pear Version” by George Baldessin[b.1939 -d.1978]. Several years ago I was over-the-moon as I finally was able to get my hands on an official NGA photo release of it - where it lives framed in my upstairs gallery frame montage. The pear [speckled brown Bartlett's] was even present at our wedding reception[some 5 years ago now] as a sculptural piece placed next to clear slumped glass candle votives & offsetting the urns filled with vine, berries, and magnolias & roses posed a fabulous natural mix [I'll post an image of it shortly].
So here's a colourful, textural, healthy option to the weekend... For a safe dose of Vitamin D in the onset of Spring Summer weather, and a crunchy few pears!! Enjoy x

Image from House Beautiful

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