07 May, 2010

Friday Flowers...Special Delivery.

A vignette of a dozen vased Pink Tea Roses for Isabelle, combined with special glass & china pieces and shells - from so many different people & places - my husband's grandmother, a good friend, some travel finds and a birthday! I often think that the best displays are often gathered over time and from many different people & places.
Happy Friday! Friday Flowers have become a regular feature on Palatial Living for some time now... but lately they have become very special since we have so many lovely blooms given and sent to us for out sweet little newborn girl - Isabelle. This Friday I thought I would share with you the stunning Dozen Long Stem Pink Tea Roses that my sister, Felic & [new] brother-in-law, Alex aka Auntie & Uncle sent to Isabelle this week - her very first 'Roses Only' delivery and I am sure the first of many more to come!
Here's to your Friday Happiness and your Wonderful Weekend ahead... Thank You for stopping by at Palatial Living this week, and for all your lovely comments & kind wishes for our little Isabelle! Take Care & Enjoy, S xxx

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