22 April, 2011

A 1st - 1st Birthday x

 To our sweet 'baby' girl Isabelle for her 1st Birthday - Happy Birthday, little poodle! We love you so much...we're stupid crazy about you! You make it all worth while x
Like for most first time parents - we honestly don't know where the past year has flown to, and at the same time we didn't know how we'd get there and sometimes what to do!
We had a wonderful afternoon with close family and family friends - Isabelle's godparents, and their children - also our godchildren!
Needless to say I am 'pooped' after preparing all the decorations and somehow baking up a storm... the two grandmas came to the rescue with some sweet & tasty treats also - a huge help considering how time poor this week has proved to be and the beginning of the Easter celebrations today.
Will share more with you soon over this long Easter/ Anzac weekend.
Hope you had a good day,

image by Sarah Verity

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