01 April, 2011

It's Friday It's The Weekend!

1st April today and we're head long into Easter and my little Isabelle's 1st birthday fast approaching on 22nd! So I need some well earnt R&R this weekend... whoa my heavy schedule over the past 8 weeks has really caught up with me today - and so my thoughts are with wishing for lovely little naps over the weekend!
Some people love to sleep in the morning [my husband is one such person], others - like me - love an afternoon nap. I consider this a true luxury! And is none better than a favourite cosy spot with a throw & a few comfy cushions...
Hope you get to catch up on some 'zzzz' over the weekend if you need to, otherwise have truly wonderful & Palatial Weekend!
Thank you for joining me this week here at Palatial Living.

image via coastal living

1 comment:

  1. Lovely photos, music, and thoughts. Yes, enjoy your weekend as well :)



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