21 February, 2012


A few little images that caught my eye - a splash of pink & style! I think 'Pink' is a highly underestimated hue - I used to stay away from it - but I have learnt the error of thins colour ways! Shades of Pink are great for 'pop', 'fashion', 'pretty', 'edgy' and an array of other adjective I could keep going - but mostly it's a great joinging accent hue. 
And not to forget that I also love YSL - this logo placement designer tee top is uber cute - with spiked shoulder vest; I adore Limoges tea cups & saucers -yes in all shades, and I cannot resist dresser vignettes  - touch of respplendent pretty here - so can't go wrong really!
Hope you had a great Tuesday!

images via katie-armour, gel-ato, for the love of pretty via ys voice, latikastheme, tumblr.

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