21 February, 2012

Something For A Poignant Day Date... 21.2.12

When I realised the sequence of today's date - when written like 21.2.12 - a numerical palindrome it could be a secret ancient code for moving forwards to the future - or looking backwards to the past,,.  
Sometimes letters and numerals in 'code' form can look like a well considered design be it in semiotics, symbology or something simply plain, basic, yet naturally beautifully. More often with a meaning or value placed around or behind it... What does today's date mean to you? 
Here are a few images that created a 'moody' scene for me, my 'moody mood board' like a swell growing as the tide draws back...just like - when thinking of a beautiful conspiracy coded date like today! My wild imagination gets the better of me sometimes! Can you tell?! Did you notice today's date in a sequence or code? Is there a sequential looking date that is special to you or stands out more than any other for you? Love to hear from you... 

images via tumblr, sweet montana, coffee&cognac, east atlanta, crush cul de sac, 

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