29 February, 2012

Oscar-fied Accessory Glam...

 Completely imspired by the Oscars - The 84th Academy Awards aired Monday night [on Australian televsion]... the looks, the designer gowns and stunning accessories, the glitz, the glamour, the decadence, the pure lux of it all. Was mezmersiing and delicious! I couldn't get enough... what I love even more is the next day when you get to see all the images from the night before... the details of the stylists sweat and tantrums!
So today with all the pics online around the world the day after the day of the event! I am Oscar-fied with bits and pieces that I find gorgeous, Palatial, and inspiring...and I got stuck on accessories and lusturous nudes with a splash of colour!

images via tumblr, e-online, fashion police, and fabsugar australia

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