20 February, 2012

Thank You Monday... Kick Up those Heels!

Happy Monday! I'm kicking up my heels in Yippee!
Plus I love these two tone stacked pumps!
A Very BIG THANK YOU to all of you uber Palatially Stylish bodies out there who helped 'kick' Palatial Living over the 200, 000 visitor mark! I tuned in last night ans saw the milestone 'tick over'!
Withou you I would not still be here, seeing your kind comments and visitor 'drop bys' without bouncing out too qucikly! I am so glad you're still enjying my posts on what I see as 'Palatial Living - Grand or Cosy - All Things For Stylish Living' even in some of my stretched absences when family, work and life in general sometimes take over - whenevr I come back to sharing what inspires me through my interior, fashion and garden styles, art, colour themes, product choices, new finds and just what I love - I feel alive again!
So thank you for helping me stay inspirationally & creatively alive!
Stay Palatialliy Stylish!

images via hoodothatvoodoo, her roaring twenties, tumblr, justanothermasterpiece, crush cul de sac, everly true

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