28 March, 2012

Fave Blue Hues...

Just a few of my fave blue hue images I have added to my image library lately...
Not sure where I start but each them I adore - such as this sunrise making an Parisian apartment block glow, the premise of sewing with love and being in love - making things with our hands and giving them to those we love; displays and what treasures we may frame or wear on our dressers or self; an iconic stylish & whimsical Harper's Bazzaar cover with SJP over the NY Brooklyn Bridge; a beautiful collection of blue and white plates make for a 'domestic & historial' installation, and of course - one of my Grandma Sarah's favourite flowers - a little forget-me-not....
See far to many to edit so I had to have them all in the mix today!

images via idanceinmythoughts, fre-ya, code play, tumblr, gingham and watercolours, carolinaconnecticuit, atmosphere, icameisawiconquer, seedeerperfeellouder, crushculdesac

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