30 March, 2012

Pattern & Colour Friendship...

A few images I recently came across that I often find myself drawn to pattern & print in shades of blue  - the regency geo design carpet/ rug & watercolour ikat interpretation and accents of orange - again in the post modern regency look upholstered chaise Louis, and in the fabulously fun & gorgeous illustrations by Alanna Cavanagh. I find tints & shades of Orange to be such a great joiner / accent colour - much like Pink and Green.
Plus I couldn't resist the prints by Alana Cavanagh and the 'Cavoodle' Cavalier x Poodle looking puppy - reminded me of our dear U.S based friend Jen and her dog 'Toby'! Don't you think Jen?!
What colour & print friendship combinations have you found yourself drawn to - no you're noticing what do you think they could be?
Drop me a line on a comment and let me know!

images via tumblr scotchandstone, alannacavanagh, crushculdesac, prettystuff

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