13 May, 2013

French Hamptons Inspired Palatial Pin & Memo Board...


An update from my last memo pin board 'Drab to Fab Gorgeous Office PinBoard', I needed a family memo/ pin board for our kitchen that was conducive to the colour palette of our open kitchen & living room plan.
Our walls are painted in 1/4 tint Dulux Hog Bristle and Doors/ Trims & Skirts are in Taubmans 'Natural White'. So what to do?
I found 2 over sized tea towels from our local  discount department & grocery store, in a similar colour to our walls with a little depth - sandy taupe and off white - the fabric - a cotton sateen French Wedgewood Ticking Stripe [this means that there is a large block stripe and smaller stripes to create a pattern - not just a regular stripe like that of a 'regular' ticking stripe'].
I sewed the tea towels together with creating an open 'French' seam.
Lining the front side of dowdy cork pin board with a layer of wadding and spray adhesive, I then used my trusty stapled gun pulling the joined tea towels tautly over the front of the board and securing each side with the staple gun.
Using a tonal &  complimentary grosgrain ribbon I wove  [under and over] the 'diamond' trellis ribbon. At each cross point you can then add a pearl pin or an upholstery nail head to secure the points to add your memos!
This is a super economic and chic way to update a boring old cork board. I am slightly addicted to stripes but a floral, or small chintz pattern could also work just as well. Using tea towels can be a fun way to fin different prints and patterns, more often they can be less expensive than buying by the metre, and if it's for a kitchen - like mine was - it's a little secret play-on for decorating!
Have fun with it - love to see your memo / pin board updates.
Email your pics to me sarah.verity@verandahhomeliving.biz I would love to post a blog on all your great Palatial Pin Boards!

images via www.verandahhomeliving.biz , sarah verity

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