09 May, 2013

Great Palatial Make-It Ideas... For Next to Nothing!

Chevron Vase
Customize a plain vase by taping off a chevron pattern with painter's tape (it need not be perfect). Spray-paint the exposed area with a lighter shade of the vase colour. Remove the tape when the paint is dry.

Quick & Easy Memo Board
This magnetic memo board is as functional as it is stylish. Simply cut decorative paper to fit inside a baking sheet/tray and glue it to the pan. Add magnets and important papers, notes, or letters, and you’re ready for business. Place it on a desk or hang it in the kitchen to ensure your family always stays on task.

Industrial - Urban Look Pipe Sconce
Create an industrial look with custom sconces made from piping. Run a socket kit through the pipe and pipe fittings, and hard-wire it into the wall. Always remember to consult an electrician when working with wiring and turn off power before doing any work.

The No-Sew Pillow
Stoke your wanderlust with a pillow outfitted with a map. Find an image from an old atlas, or score a map of your favourite city or dream travel destination. Scan your image and use image-editing software to create a mirror image of your map, then print it using an ink-jet printer onto iron-on transfer paper. Iron the image onto light-colour linen fabric, following package directions. Peel away the transfer backing to reveal the image. Use heat-set tape to adhere the linen piece to the pillow.
Stencilled Lampshade
Metallic markings in a trendy ikat pattern add delicate detail to a basic slate-colour lampshade. To get the look, purchase a stencil or create your own from a favourite pattern by tracing your design onto stencil acetate, then cutting it out with a crafts knife (allow a 1/2-inch border around the perimeter). Position your stencil along the bottom edge, and fill in the design with a metallic silver oil-based Sharpie. Continue stencilling around the shape.
Woodland Jewellery Display
Store baubles by hanging them from these mini trees. Cut small branches to similar heights using garden pruners or a small hand saw. Next, glue two 1x6-inch boards together at a right angle and let dry. Drill evenly spaced holes in the base. Dab the bottom inch of the branches with wood glue, then place upright in the holes. Let dry, and decorate with your favourite accessories.
I wanted to share with you some fabulous Palatial Make-It Ideas, and even better for next to nothing you can make then - I love that. Much of it you may already have around your home, where you can re purpose a few items with into a new form and function!
It's tricky to pick just one favourite out of them all... each have such a great purpose and style... Why not try them all!

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