02 May, 2013

Pretty Up Your Porch & Super Sunrooms x

  Mixing Materials
Wicker furniture is often a staple of outdoor living, however, these sleek-lined pieces look anything but ordinary. A sisal rug beneath the seating arrangement helps define the area. The two-sided fireplace adds warmth and light when the sun goes down.
 Strike a Contrast
Lime green seat cushions and turquoise accessories infuse this screened porch with youthful energy. The mismatched collection of furniture looks cohesive thanks to white paint, which coordinates with the porch's white framing and the house's white trim. A large painting on one wall adds artistic flair to the outdoor living space.
Sunny Style
This sunny screened porch welcomes visitors with an eclectic collection of furniture and accessories. The cosy seat cushion atop the wicker sofa provides the perfect spot for relaxing. A trunk-turned-coffee table offers a surface to place a tray of drinks as well as a hidden storage area for blankets and spare pillows.
 Hello, Sunshine
A small skylight above the seating area in this indoor porch welcomes views of the sky. The wood panelled ceiling treatment draws the eye upward and emphasizes the skylight. Screened windows prevent unwanted critters from making their way inside without disrupting any views of the outside
 Wicker Wonders
Wicker reigns supreme in this sunroom, where the woven material infuses the space with an inviting and relaxed energy. The sofa and coffee table were painted a deep, emerald green, which adds whimsy to the ensemble of naturally finished pieces. The colorful rug beneath the seating area echoes the woven texture of the furniture
Opening Up
Collapsible screens allow this sun porch to transform from closed and protected to open and airy in no time at all. A trendy colour scheme of chocolate brown, lime green, and rusty orange infuses the space with energy. The lattice pattern featured on the furniture adds another layer of visual interest.
Straight and Narrow
A narrow screened porch off the back of this home provides a summery dining spot for the whole family. The red-painted chairs along the sides of the dining table add a splash of colour to the neutral space. Screens on all of the windows act as barriers that help keep out unwanted critters and crawlers.
I cannot tell you how much I love a great place that is shared with the inside and the outside. Quintessentially this is the verandah, or for some also known as the porch. And with so many wonderful new products on the market it's never been easier to also make that semi inside/outside space into an enclosed and bug free outdoor sunroom too! Thought I would share with youwhat I found ... here are a number of wonderful spaces such as theses that you too could imitate or take elements from to help you create a special outdoor sunroom space.
My Grandma has always had a verandah of some sort front, back and some type of sun drenched room lined with armchairs, a lounge you could nap on, a few side and coffee tables, and most importantly littered with sift plump cushions and a few throw blankets - just in case you need to cosy up! I know that this verandah - sunroom 'exposure' has greatly influenced me and even why I fell in love with the home we now live in, and how I have been working on our outdoor sunroom - complete with wicker, armchairs, lounge, a coffee table, some plants and lanterns and many cushions!
Will post a pic of my modest favourite spot for a cup of tea, or wine, on weekend afternoons...

images via bhg.com, tumblr, pinterest - palatial living, country living, traditional home

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  1. The decor in these sunrooms is beautiful! We are considering adding a gable patio onto our home. I can't wait to decorate it and have friends and family over to enjoy the warm weather.



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