28 January, 2011

Happy Weekend...

This weekend it's the start of Term 1 swimming classes [our 2nd term]for our little Isabelle, thankfully this time 'Daddy' aka my husband Matthew is now doing this- yay! Getting in the pool each week was a lot of fun, especially the doing the 'hokey pokey' as grown adults splashing & singing at the top of their voices...but not so great on the hip pocket thanks to the many beautician appointments!
I have a few other things on this weekend...some taxing some not so!
My hope for you is to get a sleep in [even a sneaky 15mins] and all the other Palatial things you want to do!
Thanks for joining me this week, and a BIG Thank You to all the New Palatial Living Twitter followers - thanks also for having a sticky beak here at the blog!
Take care & enjoy,

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