17 January, 2011

January Heat...

A hot January Monday... I love January it's always a great time to take an excursion to the beach, or the zoo - somewhere you will enjoy the outdoors, or visit friends on the weekend - maybe a swim & a bbq, go to an outdoor dinner and a few drinks in the evening through the week, easing back to work - the office hasn't picked up to full speed just yet - with another public holiday just 'round the corner, and also a great time to clear out cupboards & a little 'summer' cleaning - now that Christmas decor has been packed away for another year!
The Sydney Sun has real bite in it today... it hit around 33 degrees today and even at late afternoon there wasn't a cloud in sight! So cover up, grab your hat, post your umbrella, slap on the sunscreen, or just stay in the air con!
Tomorrow looks to be a little of the same then some rain in the afternoon....

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