25 January, 2011

My Desk...

Here's a moment on my desk this afternoon... I had successfully completed a day of admin and an 18 page application for an exciting [potential] project.
So can you tell that I have been working? Even the coffee cup is a sad story! I am most surprised that one or both of my dogs,  Lucy & Zach, aren't also tucked under the desk - they love to lie at my feet as I work no matter how hot it is! They're definitely great company mascots!
Tomorrow is a celebration for our national holiday - Australia Day and it's going to be a hot one at an expected 36C, and excitingly it also my parents-in-law's 37th Wedding anniversary! Coincidentally it was my parent's 39th Wedding anniversary last Saturday... gee even the family calendar is a little manic! So needless to say I am looking forward to some fresh prawns, salads, a bbq and wine, wine and champagne tomorrow! And maybe a little tidy of this desk and 'mood /message boards' of mine!

Hope you had a productive day too!

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