23 February, 2009

Beautiful Handwriting ...Bespoke Designs by PipWilly

Over the weekend I visited the LifeInStyle trade fair in Sydney where I found so many wonderful new suppliers & beautiful products... one in particular was 'Pip Willy'. I must profess that I am slightly bias towards 'Pip Willy' - as it is my good friend, Pip's business & I also helped her with the styling of her stand at the fair [I will post photos of the stand from LifeInStyle shortly].
However, just being bias won't cut the mustard when your product is on show - & WOW does Pip - for 'Pip Willy', cut the mustard - actually the whole sandwich!! Here I have posted some of her products from her website. Pip has also been featured in Home Beautiful, Australian House & Garden - and about to be an upcoming issue for Inside Out, and she just told me that she has been invited to Fashion Exposed a trade only fair (in the next few weeks) for her bespoke printed skirts! [Will try and get some photos of the skirts on parade!].
Pip is a talented textile & graphic designer - through her work she uses multiple media techniques including sketching, drawing & tracing natural objects and then graphic design CAD programs to then translates these designs into hand screen printed works onto hand selected beautiful fabrics. Each print is then transposed in fabric lengths to be made into object - be it drum shades, lamps, cushions, skirts, stretched over canvas as an piece of art.
You can find Pip's work on her website Pip Willy and also on Hard To Find, and Eastern Weft.
Images from Pip Willy

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