20 February, 2009

Best Palatial Music - Simply Red... Simply Floored

Simply Red - Mick Hucknall, photo by Hamish Brown from Simply Red website
Simply Red 25 - The Greatest Hits, Album cover - SimplyRed.com
Simply Red - Mick Hucknall, photo by Hamish Brown from Simply Red website

Last night we went to the Simply Red concert held at the Concert Hall in the Sydney Opera House... and oh wow!! What can I say other than that I was simply floored - by how truly amazing Mick Hucknall and the Simply Red band are. Their sound, his voice, and their groove - they have got it! Their music can mark such poignant times in our lives - not many can go past a certain point where they can't recount a Simply Red song that hasn't attached itself to their own memory and what happened when... Having followed them for years starting with my Aunts introducing them into the 'background' music of family get togethers (in the eighties), as a school girl through the eighties & then into nineties with end of school uni, and more 'serious' adult times of driving on Sundays & dinner parties.... their songs and albums track different times in our lives from earlier years 'Holding Back the Years', to 'Say You Love Me', to 'Fairground', and to the ever palatial groove of 'Sunrise' [the intro reminiscent of Hall & Oates “I Can’t Go For That (No Can Do)']. To read more about the band go to the Simply Red official site - there's a great article written in the UK Telegraph - marking the 25th Anniversary of the band. Enjoy x
Images from the official Simply Red website

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