16 February, 2009

Today I Love - Terrariums...

Today I Love - Terrariums... especially with the new book by Tovah Martin & Kindra Clineff -
The New Terrarium, Creating Beautiful Displays for Plants and Nature, with such gorgeous photography and showing how to create stylish new terrariums I'd like one for each room. The front cover of the book got me at 'hello' one of my most favourite orchids - the Slipper Orchid (I have some in my garden under a tree canopy from my dear great aunt) - showcased in an oversize glass lolly jar... I think I will be out now scouring for large glass lolly jars to house my small orchid, fern & violet friends!! For more information on Terrariums or to set one up visit Terrariums.com. Enjoy! x

Images courtesy of Country Home [Cottage Living]

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