25 February, 2009

Mid Week Chaos...a peaceful spot

This week seems like one of these mad chaotic weeks for me - where work is crazy, the body is not keeping up very well, it's mid-week - so the light is still shining for the end of the week, but gee I am tired! So I thought this image of a peaceful, restful, & elegant cosy spot to put your feet up was just perfect!
So to get me through this is my visualisation for those chaotic moments! I love versatility of the ceramic glazed Chinese urn - as a small side table, accent decor piece, small seating, or with a cushion a stylish footstool . The soft hues of eggshell white, pale grey blue, soft muted lemon anchored with walnut tones - accented with a soft multi stripe floor rug and oversize large scale graphic cushions - calms the senses to a more serene place. What's your favourite spot to escape the madness? Enjoy x
Image from Traditional Home

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