13 February, 2009

Love Projects...

Garland - Start your own “love chain” with this garland. For patterns you can print out in color. Then simply cut them out, punch a hole in each, and suspend from a metal chain with ornament hangers.
Sweethearts - To create, cut two hearts out of felt (ours are 4x5 and 4x6 inches), then hand-sew using blanket stitches or whip stitches. Embellish with beads or embroidery, such as French knots and daisy stitches. Hang from twine.
COVERED BOXES Instead of actual playing cards, here a computer is used to scan rows of cards and print them in color, then glued them to a hatbox and lid.

I found these great Valentine project ideas and thought I would share them with you - instead of buying something, make something from papers, card and old trims you may have at home or can purchase inexpensively at the local dollar store. Some Red felt, some contrast stitches and a hand written card can go such a long way with true sentiment... Enjoy! x

Images & Project Ideas from Country Home

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