01 March, 2010

Colour, Books & BookShelf Love...

[image 1] Betsy Morgan's colour blocked book stacks and objects make for beautiful vignettes within the shelf.
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[image 2] Australian Vogue Living March /April 2010 - book suggestions. Check out Amazon.com to add them to your wish list, or to buy!
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[image 3] Betsy Morgan's home office & living area - shows these white shelves are not only for storage but colourful display too!
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I love books, always have, but what else do I love that goes with books is housing & shelving books! Here - I love these White book shelves with painted [bitter mocha] wall colour behind, appears to frame the books and objects within the shelf. And the darker shade used makes for an illusion-ary depth. Taken from Betsey Morgan's family home in Chelsea New York - from Vogue Living March/ April 2010 issue, I especially love all books sorted and stacked by spine/ cover colour - I have all my books presented like this in my shelves at home - it helps to create a clean, organised & colour blocked presentation that is much easier on the eye to follow through the space...

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