09 November, 2010

Gorgeous Store & Co...

Store & Co. Hobart, Tasmania - Australia.

I love the metal sign 'Free As A Bird'... Also showcasing
 Megan Morton's book 'Home Love' who I had the
pleasure in meeting & having sign my copy
of the book at a recent ISCD event.

Store & Co. front window displays - makes me want to look closer!

I was tidying up my image files and couldn't believe that I hadn't posted these photos of a fabulous store I visited on my holiday to [Hobart] Tasmania a couple of months back! And let me tell you this store is memorable...so I must have been overly distracted to forget to tell you all about it!
Whilst walking down Macquarie Street in search of brunch one morning...I first came across the 'J.Boag & Son' sign [a great Tasmanian Australian brewery] and right next door led me to this fab find of a shop called 'Store & Co.'. We couldn't have missed it really the front pathway display lured me closer to the front window displays and on-in I went! Here's a few snaps of the store that 'Rachel' - one of the store people kindly let me take...
If you get a chance to visit or pop by I highly recommend it - you may come out slightly lighter in the purse or heavier on the credit card though!

Some days it feels like this sign is a must!

I love the 'bus roll' theme with days of the week.

This is the footpath display outside the 'Store&Co.'
front window display that caught our eye!
An oldie but a goodie - 'Keep Calm And Carry On' is
 one my faves no matter how many times it's
 been done in recent times.

This decal with 'Store' & 'Store Keeper'
definition sits behind the counter.

A 'Store & Co' colleague - Rachel

Beautiful high pressed metal ceilings, the
old original offices and store rooms were
guttted to make this open store space.

A beautiful eclectic mix of vintage hospital furniture and
equipment, flags, furniture and a keen sense
of typography - drew me into its throes!

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