29 November, 2010

Pop-Up Colour!

Colour does not add a pleasant quality to
design – it reinforces it.

- Pierre Bonnard -

I love this Pop-Up Colour in a Pop-Up Store in London by Kate Spade... I love the idea of 'wrap around' paint [in the top image] that then provides the colour anchor for the rest of the room. And wouldn't it be lovely to have a wall dedicated to being able to hang all your 'lovely' handbags as a collection - not the run of the mill ones - the special ones...a 3D artwork of their own. Last but not least - I always love a wall frame cluster the size of the images are quite large but are in balance with the size & height of the wall, and although this cluster looks effortless with the colour placement - it would have taken many configurations to get it 'just right'. It's all in the preparation!

For more of fabulous pop-up colour visit the Kate Spade website
The Kate Spade London Pop-Up London Store was open from 12 Oct to 12 Nov 2010


  1. What a great idea - handbags on walls for an easy colour fix! Fabulous!

  2. I just love it...esp the bags on the wall. I could have done that one forever!

    From your #1 Fan



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