12 November, 2010

Happy Friday ~ Welcome Weekend...

Today's post is for all us who love the end of the week, Friday, and just can't wait for the weekend....It's also for my sister, Felic, who lives in London - and has posted a status on facebook that she has had to wear her hat, scarf, gloves, and puffy jacket just out of her apartment because it's sooo bitterly cold in London town! Here in Sydney this weekend it's supposed to be a beautiful sunny warm November weekend with tops around 28 to 30C- a real precursor to true Summer weather!
Thank you for visiting Palatial Living this week... I hope to have a surprise for you next week! So Stay Tuned! Until then I hope you have a wonderful weekend & Enjoy...

1 comment:

  1. Oh oh oh....such cold seems beyond me...she can have that type of cold weather anytime
    From your #1 Fan



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