19 November, 2010

Happy Weekend!

Wow it's Friday & the Weekend is Here! It's been a whirlwind week, I have been on a 'secret mission' this week for a couple of things - and they have taken up a fair bit of time, I will reveal all very soon [maybe the New Year I will be able to]!! I am super glad it's coming to an end... Hence missing a few posts here & there!
But I did get some great shots from the 'Friends of Leon Gallery' exhibition that I promise to share with you, and I hope to have an exciting 'Friday Flowers' planned for next week - I just have to work out when I can visit this person & their beautiful store so I can post a special blog on it... Oh & also our dear friend[s] Carolyn [and her husband John] just had a darling little boy yesterday, who they named Frederick [Freddie for short], and we're looking forward to meeting him over the weekend. Welcome Freddie! So somewhere in there I caught my breath!
Thank You for visiting Palatial Living this week - I promise to bring you more Palatial things your way next week! Have a great weekend, Enjoy -

images via [1] visualize.us & [2] coastal living magazine

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